Sharon and Sienna

Sharon and Sienna

Social Media Internship

I was fortunate enough to be offered a Social Media Internship with Parelli, which has now turned into a permanent position.
I am excited to be here in Pagosa Springs on this journey and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dogs + Snow = Fun Times

I remember reading a blog by the fabulous Pioneer Woman about the Many Faces of Charlie, and I couldn't help but relate when I think about the many pictures I have taken of Sophie and Milo lately. The snow seems to bring out they're character.

Sophie- The glamor queen

Sophie- Doing her best pointer dog.

Milo - in camouflage

Milo - Looking pleased with himself

The rest are images of pure joy...and perhaps a little bit of Cujo thrown in. I've also come to realize that jowls and ears do some mighty things when in motion....

The following images are stills captured from a video clip, hence the quality, but I had to share them as the expressions say it all.....



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  1. Love the photos Sharon :) Pure joy!

    Marta and Juliano