Sharon and Sienna

Sharon and Sienna

Social Media Internship

I was fortunate enough to be offered a Social Media Internship with Parelli, which has now turned into a permanent position.
I am excited to be here in Pagosa Springs on this journey and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is how it's meant to be

As things are winding down here for the winter, I can only look back on my 10 weeks here so far and think how lucky I was to be staying on the ranch, and to witness all that happens here. There have been some amazing things like watching Pat do his cow work lessons with his mastery students, Linda giving lessons on contact, the Saddle Fitting workshop and the Performance Summit. In addition to all the Fast Track courses and the two week confidence and finesse courses, there has been so much to see and even more to soak in.

Having Sienna here with me has made it
even more special. Last weekend the weather was so amazing, in the 70's with a slight breeze. Sienna and I were out exploring the ranch and we went cantering up this gorgeous green meadow........there might as well have been a choir singing in the background as it was one of those moments you just want to hang on to for ever. Luckily I have been able to capture this memory on film
thanks to Mackenzie Kincaid, my new friend and fabulous photographer. You can see some of her work here.

I have been letting Sienna graze more and more these days as she has not been on grass for two years, and she's very likely to end up on pasture when we find a place to live. I got permission to start letting her out in one of the pastures here since all the courses have finished and it's very quiet here at the ranch,and I couldn't help think that this is how it's meant to be. My heart felt good watching Sienna just be a horse and exploring her new surroundings. I think she enjoyed it too, you can see more pics here.

Now I just need to get the hubby here with the dogs and Sammy, and figure out what's best for Beau. I miss them all so much, but it's worth the wait, and I know they are going to love it here.

Monday, September 20, 2010

There's change in the air

Just last weekend the Parelli Performance Summit was in full swing. There was about 700 people in attendance, which made for a very busy ranch. The buzz was exciting with tents and vendors all eager to share in the event. We regularly hear Pat talk about putting the foundations before specialization, and this event was ALL about specialization. We saw everything from cow work to dressage, and jumping to driving. After the first day I didn't know if it could get any better, buteach day had us glued to our seats wondering what was next. The event ended on the Sunday with pat and Caton doing a wonderful father son demo with 5 of the Atwood horses, it was very touching and inspirational. You can see pictures here.

Linda on WestPoint Lauren Barwick on Manny

This week it is a different story on the ranch. The season is wrapping up here at the Parelli Campus as people are slowly but surely leaving, either heading to Florida for the winter, going home, or heading to the World Equestiran Games in Kentucky. The realization hit today as Pat and Linda stopped by the office to say goodbye. There were hugs all around and an air of change.

The last week of Fast Track is taking place at the ranch, after that they prepare to close down for the winter. It<'s hard to believe that this time has come around so quickly and that winter will be upon us soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dreams do come true

I came here 8 weeks ago as a Social Media Intern not really sure what to expect, but I can tell you now that this has been one heck of a ride. I wrote an introductory blog about my Parelli journey and how I ended up here, and from the moment I returned to Pagosa I was praying that it might turn into a permanent position.
My dream came true recently when I sat down with Neil and Sue for a meeting and at the end of it, they told me I was being hired permanently, one week before my internship was due to finish.

After working in Social Media for the past 8 weeks and to see how we are helping people get connected, I am hooked and really excited to be a part of it all. There are so many exciting things on the horizon to help all of you find what you need, and wonderful tools to help you track your horsemanship goals, so stay tuned for that!

So there are many BIG changes ahead for me and my family, but I am up for it and looking forward to what the future may bring.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The A-Team

I am still amazed that I am here sometimes and even more amazed at the things I see. Last week our horses were down in the Intern pens as there was a lot of people here for the Fast Track. Being down there we got to see a different side of things all together.

One night after work I was playing with Sienna in one of the arenas when Linda Parelli, Kathy Baar, Lyndsey Fitch and Amy Book came riding down from Linda's house. Linda was on Westpoint, Lyndsey on Allure, Amy on Remmer and Kathy on her horse Macchiato. They went into the arena next Sienna and I to ride. It was like watching the "A Team". I of course stopped what I was doing as just watching these masters at play had me glued to my bare back pad. I think even Sienna learned something from watching them, it was just fantastic.
The best part was when they were riding back up to the house, by then Sienna and I were trotting figure of eights around some barrels when Linda looked up and said: "that looks really good"!! well I can tell you I almost fell off with excitement..........getting a compliment from Linda Parelli.....well it just made my night!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Saddle Makeover

Last Saturday there was an all day saddle makeover workshop for the new one and two star instructors, and I was fortunate enough to sit in on it.
I have to say that the demo started off with a funny moment when Vinnie (Linda's dog) caught a mouse and ran into the arena in front of everyone and started to play with it. Linda did her best to try and save the mouse when Letitia stepped in to help and Moxie (Linda's other dog) decided it would be good to get in on the action also, LOL. It had a good ending though and the mouse was saved!!
In the morning, Linda Parelli and Letitia Glenn (Parelli Saddle makers) gave a very informative demo on all of their saddles and in the afternoon session we watched four horses get 'made over'.
I have had a hard time finding a saddle to fit Sienna so I was all ears and eyes during the demo. I can honestly say that the transformation in the four horses was amazing, if I hadn't seen it for my own eyes I probably would have not have believed it.
One horse in particular - a high headed Arab was amazing to watch. We watched him being ridden in an ill fitting saddle at first. He rode with his head high and was a little frisky also, then after a proper saddle fitting it was like watching a different horse. By the end of the demo, the horse was stretching out it's neck, was very relaxed, and at times his nose was almost touching the floor, quite a different image to the high head he started off with.

You were left with the importance of a good saddle fit and how a 'free' shoulder can promote better movement.
You can see pictures here, although they loaded in reverse order for some reason, so you'll need to click on the last picture and work backwards. :0)