Sharon and Sienna

Sharon and Sienna

Social Media Internship

I was fortunate enough to be offered a Social Media Internship with Parelli, which has now turned into a permanent position.
I am excited to be here in Pagosa Springs on this journey and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The A-Team

I am still amazed that I am here sometimes and even more amazed at the things I see. Last week our horses were down in the Intern pens as there was a lot of people here for the Fast Track. Being down there we got to see a different side of things all together.

One night after work I was playing with Sienna in one of the arenas when Linda Parelli, Kathy Baar, Lyndsey Fitch and Amy Book came riding down from Linda's house. Linda was on Westpoint, Lyndsey on Allure, Amy on Remmer and Kathy on her horse Macchiato. They went into the arena next Sienna and I to ride. It was like watching the "A Team". I of course stopped what I was doing as just watching these masters at play had me glued to my bare back pad. I think even Sienna learned something from watching them, it was just fantastic.
The best part was when they were riding back up to the house, by then Sienna and I were trotting figure of eights around some barrels when Linda looked up and said: "that looks really good"!! well I can tell you I almost fell off with excitement..........getting a compliment from Linda Parelli.....well it just made my night!

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  1. Awesome Sharon to get a compliment from Linda! You are in the SWEET SPOT for sure. Nice.